Application of Floor Graphics

Easy to apply, reposition and remove when placed on a properly prepared surface. 

Adheres to tile ( grout lines should be avoided to ensure maximum adhesion ), sealed concrete, hardwood and laminate flooring. Not recommended for outdoor use.


Surface Preparation

  •  Prior to application, remove loose dirt or particles from application surface. Extremely dirty surfaces may require washing before application, but the surface must be completely dry before the graphic is applied.
  •  Recommended minimum surface application temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  •  Service temperature range is 20 degrees F to 150 degrees F.



  •  Snap a line or otherwise mark the perimeter of the application surface.
  •  Peel a 6” strip of liner from the back side of graphic and crease the liner, being careful not to touch the adhesive.
  •  Orient the graphic to the surface, gently apply the exposed adhesive surface, and slowly continue to apply the graphic by removing the balance of the liner as you are hand applying. Do not remove the entire liner before applying, as this may cause excessive air bubbles.
  •  Use a soft rubber roller or squeegee on the surface of the graphic to remove any air bubbles, and make sure you get 100% adhesion to the surface.
  •  Ready for immediate use, no need to wait.



  •  To remove the graphic, simply lift one corner and continue to pull back slowly.
  •  In most cases, the graphic will come off in one piece.


Cleaning Instructions

  •  When the graphic is visibly dirty, clean with a non-abrasive material, soap and water. With proper care, this product can last 12 months or more.


This product is non-slip certified ASTM-D2047.